Beckham Slim Fit Hooded Sweater


Unparalleled craftsmanship lies in every stitch of this off-duty essential.

Crafted from a high-quality cotton blend, this modern sweater ensures a soft, breathable, and long-lasting experience throughout the day.

Its sculpting, slim fit is thoughtfully designed to enhance the wearer's silhouette and provide a sleek appearance.

The hooded collar adds versatility to the design, offering an extra layer of protection against unpredictable weather.

With an elevated striped pattern, it stands out from the ordinary, making it a captivating addition to any athleisurewear wardrobe.




  • Material: Cotton, Polyester
  • Sculpting Slim Fit
  • Confidence Booster
  • Adjustable Drawstrings
  • Elevated Striped Design
  • Versatile Hooded Collar